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[ Wednesday  
January 20062:51am

Alphabet for a thingy.Collapse )
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[ Sunday  
October 20052:16am

Weird day.
Blew off Matt Fern. Found out that I don't have fun there without Matt, Hali, or Colter.
Got worried when Trev got all angry after spilling wine on himself and looked at me all funny.
So then I just left. With on shoe.

This is all after hurting my quiche, running into the mailbox, and putting on a really ugly pink dress. And not getting anything done.

I have to have couches her by 5:30 tomorrow night.

Boo it's supposed to rain.
On the plus side: I unpacked my car, cleaned my car, loaded the dishwasher, rearranged some things and I got to see my Hali and my Osmans and my Casey all dressed up.
And I got to help take care of very drunk Colter who is still half of the relationship that consists of my two very favorite drunks/
I got to give Scott a not so subtle taste of his own medicine.

And now, things feel a little weird.
I know it's just because I left while Trevor was being drunk and mad - something that never fails to throw me off and give me a weird ungood feeling.
And because I'm getting reaccustomed to being on my own two feet.
I have to prove to myself that it's for good now.
I've broken my own heart before by making my life hard for me.

FYI Casey: I'm really not usually this party-ee. I'm just coming off of four months of an 11 o'clock curfew that I had while living with my parents... it will pass. Thank you for being so amazing and laid back and loving.
I was a little nervous before I moved in, but I'm really glad I have this house and your presence in my life. To quote The Cars, "I think your just what I needed..."

Ah. Go to bed Shayna.
In a minute.

I just discovered that I need to put $20 in my bank account so I can pay a bill by Monday. No big deal Susan, Soren, and Katie all owe me money, and if I can't work that out I'll pawn my DVDs.
I have everything I need just sitting in this room.
I don't think I do have a DVD player. That will be my next purchase.
I'm pretty sure it was in the box that accidentally went to the Salvation Army with the garage sale stuff. Because I also can't find the box with my aromatherapy kit and I know that was the same box. We shall see. There are still boxes in my storage unit, but I was pretty sure that one was at my parents house.
Oh well, so it goes.

So I'm a little lonely. But Scott is not the answer.
I'm ready to meet some one...

...enter Dominic Monaghan, obviously sick of Evangeline Lilly's abolsute perfection. He's looking for someone more... ashen... silly... lazy... and lacking in muscle definition.

Sold! To the redhead!!
My brother's coming to visit Oct. 24th!! He'll be here for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hali is cheering me up and she's not even interacting with me... [ Saturday  
October 20059:28pm

Leave your name and
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST
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[ Saturday  
October 20059:26pm

NOT ONLY DID I JUST LOSE THREE HOURS of my life to a fucking computer crash while I was doing a comic- only to get NO sympathy when I'm sobbing and screaming FUCK, but NOW when I just tried to post this the first time, I couldn't it inexplicably went to the home page without doing so.
I have never ever been so pissed off in my life.
But heed my warning you fucking technology MOTHERFUCKERS if you do ANYTHING to my Morgan paper, I will take a baseball bat to every single computer on campus.
The jail time would be worth it you evil whores.
Don't try me.

Oh and yes, the three hours are not only lost... but I am doomed to repeat them sometime before tomorrow night. Everytime I try to do a comic something about it fucks up my life. I'm over it. I quit. They weren'y even that good anyway so I don't know why I'm busting my ass just so Trevor and Rachel can be unimpressed by them.
Fuck everyone. Except most of you. You know who you are.
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[ Saturday  
October 200511:18am

Damn I have to move a lot of things today.
What it that about?

Ok, here's the story.Collapse )
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wha buh gibbit? [ Saturday  
October 20053:38am

So how many times can a girl be shot down?

Obviously it all comes down to this: I'm just not as hot as I seem to think I am.

So first we're at the Robin (well not first, but I'm starting there anyway) and I see friend of Bert - Bert being the guy I made out with in the star wars line.
We talk. He tells him friends that I'm the girl who made of with Bert etc..
I say, so what happened to Bert?
What happened to Bert? Nothing. You wer just a liiiittle forward.
A) I hate it when people say the word little like that.
B) Fuck you.
C) Fuck Bert.

But latee it was proved to me that I probably am a liiiiittle forward when Scott and I walked to my house from Pita Pit and I passively tried to gte him to make out with me. I think I may have even said the words "lip ring taste test" just to give you an idea of how amazingly smooth that was.
I'm sure I'll write the whole story when I'm not amazingly exausted. Suffice it to say: it was trippy, he asked a lot of suggestive theoretical questions, and he was reeeealllly drunk, AND even a 36 year old junkie can seduce Scott.... but not I.

Heh. G'night.
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[ Thursday  
September 20056:11pm

HAHAHAHAHA I just quit that fucking retarded one act play.

They hate me, and somehow I feel that they're disapproval makes me more of a likeable person.
They sucked.
They made me want to throw up on myself.
They're ammetuers, they're egomaniacs, they're BORING.
And they apparently thought that they could thraten me and talk down to me.
And oh, they were wrong.

Never have I been more sure that I made the right decision by changing majors.

*happy Shayna*

You have no control over my life you stupid MTA whores.

Besides I'll get my jolies doing the Eglish department production of The Revenger's Tragedy and Lend Me A Tenor.

I like me. And I watch out for me.
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[ Monday  
September 20058:35pm

Why am I so smiiitttteeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?
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[ Monday  
September 200512:20am

Oh an also... I have lots of shiny Harry Potter theories.

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[ Monday  
September 200512:13am

Gwendolyn gave me an extension till Wednesday.
Hali, I'm in trouble (I'm also drunk) apparently Brian didn't invite you because he's socially awkward and assumed I would.
I'm bad at inviting myself places, let alone people who are cooler than me.
I am so sorry, please come next time.
Morgan said that she wants to do some kind of sacred circle fest with us for Beltane.
I am not un-drunk.

Now for the part that's not just for Hali. In fact, it's not to anyone.. so I'll do this.

Dear Diary,


Captain's Log, stardate... uh... fuck that

Hey internet,
my roomate is really. cool. Captain Morgan thinks Briiiian and I have had sex... in her house.
Briiiiiiiiian seems to thinks it fun to ket her think that, so it's ok with me ,
There was a lot of topless people running aournd otside a few hours ago.
So glad I'm m English major.
Why does Briiiiian have Christian rock on my computer?
Except wait! OILY! Huazah!
I love Hali.
I have a Casey AND a Hali. How iss that even fair????

I won some stuff from the English/Katrina raffle.

I'm scared for when I'm not recockulously lucky anymore... it''s starting to be somthing I couold be acdcoxstomed to.
Ha. That word drunkeness means it's time to sleep.

HolyQ! I own food!!!!!
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[ Saturday  
September 200511:57pm

Uhoh... I couldn't help myself, someone in the neighborhood has wireless i-net and it's not got a password... I tried to resist but writing this paper without distractin is near impossible.
So I won't pirate it for long... just long enough to say this:

I'm so glad I live here.

I really hope that Monday brings a month's worth of good news. (that makes sense if it should make sense to you.)

I love my house!!
I even love the yellow paint.

I think I might ask Morgs for a second extension... lame, I know, but she's moving too... so she might cut me some slack.

I wish I could afford not to share her.

I found a tiny blue plastic penis in my closet. It was a sign from the Gods:
I am home.

I have a new prepaid phone. With a California number, which is kind of silly. But works.

Oh my house.
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[ Friday  
September 200512:18pm


14 year old called me.

I had a really nice chat with Gabe (of Missoula) on the phone this morning. And tho he won't read this: Happy Birthday Gabe!!

Really-smart-Brian (as opposed to sexy-slightly-sacrastic-and-mildly-deity-esque-Brian) called me the smart girl in class.

Scott gave me a high-five. And I stood in the rain listening to radiohead for like 5 minutes.

Class was canceled and there's a reggae band in the commons.

Hali is the love of my young life, and so obviously the smart girl that I'm jealous.

I'm going to meet with Cathy.

Corpse-bride is out!

My house is going to be my house tomorrow!

I'm all squared away with money... broke... but squared away.

I have two kick ass new ops writers.

This is kinda freakin me out!
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[ Thursday  
September 20052:44pm

The two paper topics I've started researching:

Characterization in medieval drama as inspired by the humors (microcosmic ideals)


The presentation of the Church in Medieval drama...

which do you think is better?

It rocks so hard that Casey is running the Ponent with Rachel and I.
I'm a happy girl.

Now off to difficult measures.
LOST tonight!
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[ Thursday  
September 20053:05am

Hey look, I'm bored!
(I'm also not nearly as funny as Brian. But I have a cooler movie reviewing site. Ha.)

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snagged from leen [ Thursday  
September 20051:59am

Paper's almost done.
My soul's starting to itch over Lost... but it's better this way.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. being redheaded:
    I am so lame. But I am interested in myself... this is clear.
  2. dan:
    Who? Oh my... I think this is maybe as in Daniel Radcliffe.. or Harry Potter. I'm about a milimeter away from being a pedophile.
  3. fantasy:
    I don't do well with reality.
  4. hip-hop:
    I like to pretend Chingy or Ludacris would make me their white girl ho.
  5. magic:
    Because it's so magical. "Do you carry an ear around in your pocket all day."
    "Only somedays."
  6. my awesome roomates:
    Shit. I don't live with them anymore. But I pretend like I do.
  7. really smart brian:
    Ha. Reason I'm an English major. Briiian is really smart, and at one point I was interested in him.
  8. sharks:
    Cuz they're sweet.
  9. the doors:
    See 8.
  10. water:
    uh.. hydration is.. good?

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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[ Tuesday  
September 20054:09pm

Hey you gu-uys!

Someone decided it would be a good idea for me to write an advice column in the opinions section.
So now I'm looking for questions for our first go round.
It's more romance/advice/sex etc... since we have like a health/sports one in the sports section.

Anonymous is on... gimme somethin to work with!
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[ Monday  
September 20057:34pm

Just as a testament to how crazy I am...
Brian and Andy were just in the office and spending time with them made me feel so good.

They're going to Costa Rica.

I had a huge crush on Brian before the Illusion, and a huge crush on Andy when he was managing editor.
And now I'm in love with both of them because they're leaving.

Just goes to show two things:
1) I've met the best people in the world in the MSU film department
2) I have a scewed romatic ideal

Brian told me I reminded him of Kate Hudson in Almost Famous.
I hope it's more sparkly crazy fun Kate than it is drug overdoese Kate.

Two days till Lost!
My one act play is insane. They all need to partake in some serious low grade beaver tranquilizers because they're all freaking me out right now.
If any of them say, "This has to set the standard for Junior plays," one more time, they're losing a finger. Then I'm going to point at them with their own finger and tell them to relax. Then I might flip them off with their own finger, or possibly shove it into the anus of one of their little minions.

Boo. Fuckers.
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[ Sunday  
September 200511:38am

I'm excited to move in a week.
Money and I might finally be getting along a little better.

However, yesterday I got a letter from a law office I've already paid and a collections call from an ccount I leally closed.
That's pretty cool.
Usually I try to be as nice as possible to peple just doing their job, but I pretty much freaked out and read them the riot act.

I'm excited to have my own place because my schedule has b een looking like this lately:
Get up at ten on Thursday, go to school/work, spend the next three nights on friend's couches, so that the next morning I role out of wherever I am wearing the same clothes I'd been wearing yesterday, go work on things feeling kind of scungy, then go home and take a shower and leave again.

It'll be so much easier when going to my own bed doesn't expire at 11 P.M.

LOST is coming. Muahaha.

This guy I've been trying to mack on got a little intoxicated at a party last night and started to mack on me back.
Unfortuanately, we're roughhousing mackers... tickle fights, wrestling... all that jazz. And today I have insane bruises.
It's really sad that as soon as he started to show interest in me I kind of lost mine in him.
I'm just tired of being the girl that's there because some other chick is in Hawaii until December... or whatever it's been all my life.

I'm getting an agent.
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[ Friday  
September 20051:35pm

Why is there nothing that is judt straight up good anymore?
Everything is corrupted with half-truths and ulterior motives.

Too bad I'm too scared to be righteous.
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[ Thursday  
September 200510:58am

So I'm officially managing editor.

And I'm in the process of becoming part of the national English Honors Society - sigma tau delta... or STD which is almost as funny as Uranus.

Life is pretty ok.
I just need to wirte a five hundred word memoir that actually sounds like it's supposed to be written in and hour and a half.

But first... check out all the illustrations and manips I made for today's Exponent:
the Zoolander one printed horribly, which makes me want to cry... but the paper looks really good.

It's shake and bake, and I helped.Collapse )
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